Does Future Project charge students for advice and guidance services?

No. Future Project is funded by its University Partners.

Does FP guarantee entry?

No. We have partnered with some of the best Universities in the UK. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee admission. The advice and guidance we offer will ensure you have the best chance of admission to the University that best fits your personal aspirations.

What does it cost to study in the United Kingdom?

For exact fees, please contact a FP representative.

What does it cost to live in the United Kingdom?

This is an important consideration. Legal tender in the United Kingdom is the British Pound Sterling. For a current exchange rate visit, www.xe.com. The cost of living does vary significantly depending on the region of the country you choose to live and study in. For a detailed break down of costs in a specific city, please contact the international office of the prospective university you are considering. Alternatively, feel free to contact a FP representative and we will gladly assist you.

What does it cost to travel in Europe?

One of the unique benefits of studying law in the United Kingdom is the opportunity to travel Europe and Northern Africa relatively inexpensively. We cannot stress enough what an incredible experience it is to leave London on a Friday to spend the weekend in Prague, Rome or Paris! Take advantage of the opportunity while you have it. The following sites offer cheap flights and travel options.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

Yes! FP is proud to offer all of our applicants the opportunity to earn scholarships from our partner universities. Please refer to the specific University Partner page for details. Additionally, a FP representative will be happy to provide further details and assistance.

Can I open a bank account in the United Kingdom?

Yes. You can open a bank account in the United Kingdom. There are several financial institutions and building societies that offer banking services to international students. From our experience we have found the following banks to be suitable options. More information will be available during Fresher’s Week upon arrival.

Am I eligible for student loans from my home country while studying in the United Kingdom?

Yes. Please contact a FP representative and we will gladly provide advice.

How can I fund my studies?

It is a significant financial investment to pursue a legal education. Fortunately, there are several financial institutions that recognize the value of a law degree and offer a professional student line of credit subject to approval.

Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

Yes, as an international student, you will need a visa prior to entering the United Kingdom to begin your studies. Our advisors will help you advise you on the application process for an ‘entry clearance’ (visa) in time for your studies.

For more information please visit, ukba.