Future Project - Speaking from Experience.

Alexa Fahlman, Future Project Scholar 2015

Future Project is an invaluable resource for students interested in the UK. As a Canadian, I was concerned about how I would tackle this process on my own, however, it was reassuring to be able to receive guidance from advisors who have in depth knowledge of the application process and first hand experience in the UK.

– Esther Shan-Ting Goh,Future Project Scholar 2015

Future Project helped a lot with my visa application and made the process simpler for me. I always thought that transitioning into university would be a breeze, but I was wrong. There are so many little bits and pieces that had to be taken care of which would have been overwhelming without the help of Future Project.

Kathryn Humphries, Education Scholarship 2015

Future Project kept me on track throughout my graduate school applications. They clarified the process and prepared me for my visa appointment at the British High Council, which was streamlined and painless. I am very grateful to Future Project for knowing what we students need during this confusing but exciting time.

Madeline Kanuka, Law Scholarship 2015

Applying to law school can be daunting and stressful, especially as an international student. Future Project encouraged me each step of the way and helped me make an informed decision. Thank you for all your help!

Brigitte Taylor, Leadership Awards 2015

When researching UK universities I was given valuable advice from Future Project. They supported me throughout the process and looked over my personal statement. I am currently studying towards a PGDE in primary Education at the University of Dundee, which was my first choice!

Katrina James, Business Scholarship 2015

Applying to a university in another country is confusing and rather terrifying.  It has been incredibly helpful throughout the process to have the added resource of Future Project to help navigate through the application, visas, and everything else. Very grateful to have had their help and for the generous contribution of this scholarship!

Ilijana Parojcic, Exceptional Leadership Award 2015

Future Project is nothing short of extraordinary.  The team has been incredibly diligent in answering all of my questions.  I was encouraged to attend a presentation earlier this year and now Queen’s University Belfast is my top pick. Future Project opened my eyes to opportunities in the UK that I otherwise may have missed.

Thurkka Jeganathan, Leadership Award 2015

It was a pleasure working with Future Project. I was able to process my application smoothly with the guidance I needed. They answered all my enquiries and helped me enrol at a prestigious Russell Group university. I would recommend all students planning on studying in the UK to contact Future Project.

Srdjan Biljetina, Essay Scholarship 2014

Future project was instrumental in guiding and advising me to complete a successful and competitive application; without their support, I would not have even considered, much less succeeded, in going to a UK university.

Eromonsele Oware, Exceptional Leadership Award 2015

My experience with future project was amazing. They helped me all the way and changed how I saw the application to law school. They were very selfless and supported throughout; I would recommend them to everyone!

Alexander Cooper, Exceptional Leadership Award 2015

Future Project was an incredibly helpful asset while navigating the often overwhelming law school application process in the UK. From tackling UCAS, to helping me pen and edit my personal statement, the team at Future Project was accommodating and supportive through every step of the application process.

Grace Sawada, Owen Henry Cochran Scholarship 2015

My expierence with future project as been awesome! They have helped me so much in getting information on UK schools and getting accepted to University. Future project has been great at answering all my questions and helping this Canadian further her education.


Chantelle Kuilderd, B.A. (UBC), J.D. (Queen’s Belfast, 2017 exp.)

Future Project is great in taking a personal approach. They made the process as smooth as possible by tailoring their advice according to my needs. If any of my friends decided that they wanted a career in law, I would certainly advise them to seek out Future Project. Thank you Future Project!

– Ikdeep Singh, B.A. (Hons) (Toronto), LL.B (Hons), First Class (Cardiff, 2013)

Future Project understands and connects with students in a way that is both unique and effective. They speak from experience and are very committed to their mission of helping Canadians succeed as UK students and graduates.

– Sarah Greenwood, B.A. (Hons) (Queen’s), LL.B (Hons) (Warwick, 2016 exp.)

When applying to the UK, I found little guidance as to the application process, no insight into the potential benefits of a UK law degree, and no knowledge into practicing in Canada after my studies. Through Future Project’s guidance I feel more confident in my decision.

– Gillian Dabbs, BCom, LL.B (Ordinary with Distinction), DLP, Solicitor (Scotland), (Edinburgh, 2008)

Future Project has a cache of fantastic information and resources for Canadians wanting to study in the UK – and all for free! Students can get advice from persons who have gone through the journey. Anyone looking to study in the UK should contact Future Project.

– Delwen Stander, B.A. (UBC), J.D. (UBC)

Not only am I impressed with the services of Future Project, indeed its entire model, I am equally impressed with the vision. I endorse, without reservation, the goals of Future Project, and foresee that it will be of immeasurable assistance to law students seeking to move from a foreign legal education to a legal career in Canada.


– Omar Khail, B.Sc. (Hons) (York); J.D. (QUB, ’17 exp.)

Future Project guided me step by step, reviewed my personal statement, and provided all the information I needed. I would definitely recommend Future Project to anyone applying to the UK.