Get to know your Academic Advisor

When you begin law school, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor who is typically a member of the faculty and should be considered an invaluable resource throughout your studies. I highly recommend that you meet with your Academic Advisor early and often. Some of the benefits of fostering this relationship include:

  1. Gaining clarity as to what is expected in course work and on examinations;
  2. Research guidance to improve the quality of your submitted work; and
  3. Explanation of your marks on assessed work and suggested areas for future improvement.

You will also find that during the application process, whether for a legal position or further education, you will need academic references. An Academic Advisor who has first hand knowledge of your work ethic, writing and research skills and can speak to your personality is going to provide a much more persuasive reference. Avoid generic references by knowing and impressing your Academic Advisor.

It may seem intimidating at first but your Academic Advisor is there for your betterment. I cannot stress enough that you need to make use of this resource, as the insight and encouragement you will receive will produce measurable results.

Much of the learning in law school comes from interaction with faculty outside of lectures and seminars. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

– Sonny Grewal, LL.B (Hons)