Accreditation Advice

Future Project - Expert Accreditation Advisors.

Future Project ensures the University and degree you choose is recognized by the relevant accreditation bodies in both the UK and your home country.

Our team of student advisors are well versed in the accreditation requirements for the various professional degree options.

We are invested in each students success and take great care to ensure you understand what is required.

For detailed information on the professional accreditation bodies in your home country and specific requirements for UK degree holders, please SIGN UP to speak with an Advisor.

– Gillian Dabbs, B.Com, LL.B (Ordinary with Distinction), DLP, Solicitor (Scotland), (Edinburgh, 2008)

Future Project has a cache of fantastic information and resources for students wanting to study in the UK – and all for free! Students can get advice from persons who have gone through the journey. Anyone looking to study in the UK should contact Future Project.