Transition Support

Future Project - We've been where you're going.

Studying in another country is exciting but does require planning.

Future Project advisors lived and studied in the UK and are always available to answer any questions you might have about:

  • Student Accommodation
  • International Flights
  • UK Banking
  • UK Phones
  • UK Domestic Transit
  • Canada Student Loan & Professional Student Line-of-Credit
  • UK Culture

Our goal is to ensure you are well prepared and succeed as a student in the UK. We are always available to help, just ask!

– Danica Vance-Grimard, B.A. (SFU), LL.B (Hons) First Class (Sussex); LL.M (Toronto, ’16 exp.)

Future Project provided me with helpful guidance when securing a flat in Brighton. They made sure I was protected by the UK’s Deposit Protection Scheme and gave me advice as to what I should expect from a landlord.