AACSB Business Accreditation


We advise all prospective students to review accreditation requirements in detail.

Future Project is the official Canadian partner of several AACSB universities in the UK.

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is a global, nonprofit membership organization of educational institutions, businesses, and other entities devoted to the advancement of management education.

The AACSB Accreditation Standards were first adopted in 1919 by:

  • Columbia University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • New York University
  • Northwestern University
  • Ohio State University
  • Tulane University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Yale University

Throughout the years, the standards have continued to be revised to ensure quality and continuous improvement in collegiate business education.

There are 716 business schools in 48 countries and territories that have earned AACSB Accreditation.

Why choose AACSB?
North American employers want quality business graduates from quality business schools—graduates they know will perform on day one. This is why it is so important to choose an AACSB-accredited business degree program that will teach you the knowledge and skills employers require.

AACSB-accredited schools are considered to be the best business schools in the world.

Their undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs have passed rigorous standards for quality.

AACSB-accredited schools have better programs, better faculty, better students with higher overall GPAs, more international students, more employers that recruit from them, and graduates that receive better salaries.