UK Degrees

Future Project - We help you find the right degree.

UK universities offer a  wide range of options for undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree subjects.

Some of the benefits of choosing a UK degree, include:

  • Attending a world leading institution.
  • Over 50,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs.
  • Gain a network of peers from around the world and develop an international worldview.
  • Complete undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in less time than in North America.

Finding the Right Degree for You

Our Academic Advisors have a proven track record of helping students select the University, course and region best suited for their success and work closely with International and Admission Officers at each of our University Partners throughout the application process.

Ilijana Parojcic, Exceptional Leadership Award 2015

Future Project is nothing short of extraordinary.  The team has been incredibly diligent in answering all of my questions.  I was encouraged to attend a presentation earlier this year and now Queen’s University Belfast is my top pick. Future Project opened my eyes to opportunities in the UK that I otherwise may have missed.